Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I'm Making Progress!

Well, after a few weeks of some pretty sporadic, inconsistent running, I'm having a good week again. I have increased my running intervals to 5 minutes running/1 minute walking.

 My goal is to run 3 times a week. Since 3 30 minute workouts a week are not enough to get me in shape, I'm also doing 21 day fix... as long as I'm able to I'll keep going.

I'm only running two miles. I have a plan. I'm going to gradually increase the running intervals until I can run the entire 2 miles. This will be for my runs during the week.

I will start prepping for my "long" runs on Saturdays by increasing the distance. But, I'm going to run 3/walk 2 for those runs. That's what I plan to do race day so that's how I'll do it. I probably won't start Saturday running though until we move, but that's pretty soon so it won't be long!

In fact, today is July 29. My last day at work is August 7. I have to play at church on August 9. After that, we're going to load up HOPEFULLY a tow-trailer (hopefully our stuff will fit into it- we really don't want to have to get another truck) and make the drive to Dallas. We don't have a place to live yet so we'll be putting our stuff in storage (most of it is already there) and staying with my dad while we look. New job starts August 17.

I'm confident we'll find something. I'm also confident that my husband is going to find work. He has already had a job interview and we're waiting to hear about it.


Everything is going to be just fine...

(4 months 2 weeks and 0 days until the Dallas Half Marathon)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Why isn't running getting easier?

As I was running today, I found myself thinking, "Isn't this supposed to get easier the more you do it?" Because it's really not...
I have been stuck at running 4 minute intervals for weeks. A few times I've been able to run those 4 minute running/1 minute walking intervals 6 times and make it about 3 miles. But the last few times I run, I could barely make it 2 miles. Today, in fact, I had to take a walk break during my last 4 minute interval.

This is not encouraging considering I'm running 13.1 miles in 5 months.

I need to be consistently running 3 miles 3 times a week before I start my half marathon training in earnest. And, to be honest, I probably won't start that until after we've moved.

This is kind of how I feel while running
To make things even harder, I restarted 21 Day Fix this week, and Day 1 has made me incredibly sore. Today is Wednesday- I did that workout on Monday and my legs still hurt. Squatting to sit down hurts. So it made running extra challenging today.

I must just be really out of shape.

So I told myself that this week I'm going to run 3 times, and run 2 miles each time. That's only a 6 mile week, but I think it's better to be consistent than to run one really spectacular day and then take the rest of the week off.

Next week the goal will be to run 3 times and run 2.5 miles each. Maybe by the next week I'll be up to 3 miles. And of course, I'll keep doing 21 Day Fix as much as I can through the moving process.
Except sometimes it hurts more...

Monday, July 6, 2015

How's it going?

Well, there are a lot of things happening so I figured I would blog about them...

I've had a couple of off weeks with running. I've been stuck at week 6. The week six workout is basically run 4/walk 1 6 times. I can do it 4 times. Maybe 5 on a good day. I went out of town the week before last and that got my running completely off track. The next week I was sick. So this week my goal is to run 4 times and to work up to doing 6 intervals (which works out to about 3 miles).

So the reason I went out of town...

I had job interview in Dallas. Dallas is very special to me. It's my hometown, and it's where my family is. It's also where I'm running a half marathon in December. So I'm pretty excited to announce that I got the job!

Of course, I have mixed feelings and a lot of stress. My goal for the next 6 weeks - between now and when I start the new job- is to keep up with my running. I also restarted 21 day fix again today. I figure I need some cross-training to go with the running and these workouts are only 30 minutes each, so it's doable. I'm going to try to keep up with this through the move.

This is how I feel about packing and moving 5 people and a cat to a place we don't really have yet:

I've recently learned the term "KonMari" from the book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo.

It's a pretty book:
 I'm hoping I can "KonMari" my stuff while packing and have a nice, organized move where no one feels the need to drink too much or have a nervous breakdown.

Oh and I'm still getting a doctorate. I'm supposed to write my first three chapters of my dissertation in the next month. So that's fun.