Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This just in: Running is hard when it's hot...

I have held on and held on to my outdoor runs, but it's barely June and it's already getting too hot. Yesterday I tried to run outside for 2 miles and at about 1.5 miles I gave up and walked back to my office, defeated. said it was 84 degrees but felt like 90.

Today when it was time to run, I wasn't super excited. I didn't want a replay of yesterday's depressing experience. The heat was just too much. So, I moved indoors to the track at the gym. To my surprise and delight, my Nike running app still works indoors! This was the main thing keeping me from moving indoors- I want to track everything on the Nike app.

I had a successful run. My goal was to run 2 minutes/walk 1 minute 8 times. I added a tiny bit of running at the end (about 30 seconds) just to get me to 2 miles, because I'm a little OCD. But I felt pretty good.

It was amazing how different and BETTER my run was when I did it inside.

I promise I'll go back to running outdoors as soon as it's below 75 degrees...

And I don't have any pictures. Not of myself looking like a drowned rat in the heat. Not of my Nike app. Not the track. Not the pretty water I'm not running next to anymore. But I'm just so excited that I may finally surpass Week 4 of the 12 week plan that I don't care too much...

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