Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I might be stronger than I think...

So, this week I was scheduled to start Week 6 of the 5K program I'm doing.

Here's a reminder of how it looks:

I was super stressed out about going from running a 2 minute interval to running a 4 minute interval. So, on the last run of week 5, instead of doing what's written, I ran 3 walked 1. That was surprisingly doable, so I planned to continue it this week.

Well Monday came and I started my run. I decided to just see if I could run for 4 minutes. Surprisingly, I CAN! The only thing is, I haven't run 6 sets yet like Week 6 suggests, mainly because both days I've run this week I've been a little short on time. Tomorrow I'm going to try the 6 sets, which will take my run up to 30 minutes. According to my Nike app, I'm averaging just over a 10 minute mile (including walk breaks) so I feel pretty confident I'll be running 3 miles from here on out.

Now, in other news, I'm feeling the need to do some sort of lifting. These past few weeks I've gotten my runs in, but that's it. I'm not doing enough for weight loss and I hate that. I miss lifting, but I don't have time since I already use my lunch breaks to do my runs.

I'm taking some medication right now that makes me sleep really soundly. That's great, but I keep sleeping through my alarm. So I haven't been getting up to workout. So something needs to change. Cross training is important. Even though my main goal is running and training for the half right now, I NEED to do something else besides run. So I'll work on that.

And that is my Week 6 update....

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