Friday, November 20, 2015

So, how's my training going?

In just a few weeks, I'm running in the Dallas Half Marathon. I started training for this over six months before race day. You would think I would be in amazing shape and totally ready. Well....


There was a time when my training was going well. I had worked up to running 20-25 minutes without stopping for my short runs, and was just starting my "long" runs at 4 miles. For these I was running 3/walking 2. Then for some reason, it got harder.

The short runs got harder. I wasn't adding any speed or distance, but found I couldn't run as long. I went down to 5 minute increments. Too long. 3 minute. I'm now at 2 minutes running/1 minute walking. My long runs are going worse. I start out running 3/walking 2, then I skip a few of the running intervals, then I just do what I can to finish. A week ago Sunday I did 6 miles. I ended up running 90 seconds/walking 90 seconds for the final 2 miles. I was supposed to run 7 last weekend but wasn't able to due to childcare issues. I tried to run it at work at lunch on Monday and made it 4.5 miles.


I'm signed up for an 8 mile race on Thanksgiving. Theoretically, I should do a 10 mile run the week before the race, and be able to make it 13.1 miles due to sheer adrenaline or something. But I'm nervous. I'm disappointed. And I can't get my eating under control.

Every. Day. (source)

6 months ago when I decided to do this, I thought surely I would have finally lost those 20 extra pounds I've been carrying around. Well, I'm exactly the same as I was 6 months ago, and that's primarily because I can't control my eating.

Me at night. (source)

I'm close to giving up on ever losing weight and just exercising because I like it. Except I don't like it right now. But you know what, my makeup looks great. Maybe I should just focus on that...

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