Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Touché, running. Touché.

I was feeling so great about running last week. But I think putting that in writing was a bit of a mistake.
I did go to the gym on Saturday and do my last workout of the 5K Runner program on the treadmill- it was 5 minute warm up and cool down and a 35 minute run. I felt super accomplished and like I could do anything. In fact, here's my post workout shot:
This is my accomplished face.
Well all day Sunday I got excited about my next run. I decided to go on with the 10K runner program and couldn't wait for the next workout. I walked 5 miles on Sunday for cardio but I considered it a rest from running.

So Monday I had some things going on. I was distracted. I looked forward to my run because I thought it would surely help me with some of the stress.

The scheduled run was 5 minutes warm up and cool down, and run 20-walk3-run 20.

I set the treadmill to hills to mimic the outdoors and because I was way too overconfident. At about 15 minutes I changed the setting to flat. I made it through the first 20 minutes (barely) and started walking. I knew I could physically run 20 more minutes. But when I started, I just had problems.

During the last 20 minute interval I started running but after a few minutes had to walk. I thought about quitting. I thought about just walking the rest of my scheduled time. But I ended up running 5 minutes, walking 3 and then running a little over 5 minutes to finish it off.

I was disappointed. I think though that this was 100% mental. I let myself feel daunted by the idea of 20 more whole minutes of running. I felt discouraged. I felt worried about my problems. And I just didn't feel good about it.

I ended up going 4.3 miles in 53:05. I had estimated (when I was still going strong) that I would end up at about 4.5 miles so I guess that's not too bad.

I contemplated repeating this run, but the next scheduled run is exactly the same thing (run 20-walk 3-run 20), so that will give me a chance to do it over. And then the third run of the week is the same except the walk break goes from 3 minutes to 2 minutes.

So I'll keep going. I'm already starting to get excited about running again. I'm actually forcing myself to NOT run (or even walk too much) today just because I think my body needs a break. It's going to really freak me out not to hit my 10,000 steps...

Also, on Monday I started 21 Day Fix Extreme in the mornings. I had tried this once before but thought it was too hard. But after many rounds of 21 Day Fix, I figured I was finally ready (and to be honest on Monday I would rather do anything than those effing Surrenders). So far so good- 2 workouts down.

My coworker just reminded me that any run where I don't fall on my face is a good run, so there's that...

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