Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Beachbody story- in progress

I've been a Beachbody coach off and on for 4 years. I started just to get a discount on my Shakeology, when I was 8 months pregnant with my second child. I jumped right in, attending my first Beachbody event less than 2 weeks before she was born...

The CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, points to my daughter in utero.
The day she was born, I advanced to Emerald coach, where I've been at least ever since.

I got back in shape relatively easy, using Turbofire, P90X and running.

I went to summit and met Tony Horton and Shaun T.

I made enough money with Beachbody to pay to renew my group exercise certifications. I was once again Turbokick, Piyo, and AFAA certified. I renewed my Yoga RYT designation. And I started teaching again.

Then... I got a new job in a new state, moved, and got surprisingly pregnant, all within about a month.

I took a break from Beachbody, but here's the thing that's great: Because of all the work I had done when I was working the business, I had residual income. I've been making money this whole time.

So now I'm back. I decided I miss it. I miss the events. I miss stalking- I mean meeting- fitness celebrities. I miss my team. And I do miss the larger paychecks.

Stay tuned. I'm building my team again. If you want to find out how you can build a business that keeps paying you even when you're not working it, I can show you. Or if you'd just like to try some Shakeology, I can help you with that too. But I promise you, I'm going places with this. So keep watching!

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