Friday, April 24, 2015

Many Thing Friday

High five it's Friday! We have made it to yet another Friday, and I have made it yet another week without blogging at all.

My hand is huge!
What's really on my mind is Grey's Anatomy. I didn't even watch it last night and I still feel like I have PTSD just from reading about it on Facebook. I won't spoil you (although I'm sure someone else on the Internet will) but here's this which will hopefully make us all feel better:
 So, I made a decision this week. I'm going to train for another half marathon. Now, considering I can't even run for 30 minutes straight at this point, that may sound ridiculous. However, the race is not until February 14, 2016. I figure I can get it together by then. Registration, though, is June 1, which is a little bit closer.

Now, one time I registered for a half marathon that was supposed to be in April in December. I had plenty of time to train, but what I didn't count on was that I would be 5 months pregnant in April. I skipped that one. This time I can promise you without a doubt that will not be an issue, so I feel confident registering in June for a February race.

Seriously, I'm super excited about it. I'm going to restart the Couch to 5K program on Monday. I worked it out and if I start half marathon training the weekend before Thanksgiving I should be gone. I got this.

I also decided to start Insanity Max30 as my next Beachbody program. I think it will complement the running nicely. I'll be a crosstraining fool. Plus there's a low impact modifier so I won't have to jump all the time. Jumping a lot and running could be problematic for this poor 41 year old.

Remember that time I met Shaun T and looked at him all creepy?
Shaun and I are going to be BFFs for the next 60 days.

I don't know how many things that was for today, so I'm just going to call it "Many Thing Friday". Here's to a wonderful weekend for all of us!"

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