Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mornings with Children...

So, you probably know that I have three children.

She's wearing her zebra pants (see below)

They each have their own unique personalities. My almost 2 year old is pretty delightful. She brings everyone their shoes and then tries to put hers on (in her mind, when it's time to go, you put your shoes on, so she'll often be wearing just shoes and a diaper). My 7 year old does pretty well. I pick out his clothes for him and he sleepily puts them on. But my 4 year old....

My 4 year old is not a morning person. And every morning, there is SOMETHING. She's currently on day 2 of wearing her zebra pants for example, because all her other pants "bother" her. Some days she starts screaming in the car because her underwear "bothers" her.

She doesn't want to wake up in the morning. When I finally get her out of bed she usually goes to the couch and goes back to sleep. I know why this is. She has the most energy at night time. Even if I turn all the lights off, she stays awake talking and even doing this strange leg dancing while laying down. So I realize this is why she's tired in the mornings. I've tried everything to get her to go to sleep earlier, but she just can't seem to turn off her brain.

If someone forgets to give her a kiss and hug, or doesn't give her the right amount (most days one is not enough), she will scream her head off all the way to daycare. One day she was so mad because I wouldn't turn around and take her back to give Daddy a kiss and hug, she unbuckled, stood up and started to THROW things at me while I was driving. (Oh hell no!) That was a particularly bad morning for everyone.

Getting them all to the car in the morning is literally like herding cats. The baby wants to walk the other way. The other two walk slow. Getting them in the car is a huge accomplishment.

When I get to work in the morning, I feel like crying after what I've just been through. It may not seem so bad to you, I have left a few things out. But I just don't know what to do about mornings with my children.

Do you have any tips that have worked for your morning routine? Do you see any way I could improve? I'm all ears...

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