Friday, April 3, 2015

Three Things Friday

Hooray, It's FRIDAY! What's your weekend ahead look like?

1. Working out with my daughter.
When I was pregnant with my now 4 year old daughter, I worked out the whole time.

There she is, in my belly.

I did a lot of Turbokick and Turbofire (which had just come out). I remember thinking "One day, this little girl is going to be big enough to workout with me. Well, this was yesterday:

It finally happened. She's now my workout buddy. I got a little emotional.

2. 21 Day Fix is.. extreme. These workouts are really tough. I have to confess, though, I didn't love Pilates Fix Extreme (even though my daughter did it with me). It was the least fun I think I've had working out in a while. So I'm considering subbing Piyo for it the next time it comes around....

More fun than Pilates Fix Extreme
3. Remember how I'm working on that doctorate?

I really am still working on a doctorate. I'm taking two classes this semester. But, in a rare case of me actually knowing and accepting my limits, I've decided to drop one of my classes. I'm feeling a mixture of total relief, and deep anxiety (how can you feel those both at the same time? I'm not sure...) If you've ever dropped a class, can you let me know how you felt? Did you regret it? Or were you happy you did it? In my case, I just don't think my heart is in it, and I've let myself get so behind that I don't think I can catch up.

I hope your weekend is filled with the opposite of anxiety, and that you have a lovely Easter.

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