Thursday, April 16, 2015



I've been working out consistently for a few months now, and I'm so excited because I'm finally starting to see some results.

First of all, the scale is consistently moving DOWNWARD.

For a long time it didn't do this. For a long time I was stuck. My eating was not strict enough. My workouts weren't intense enough. But now I'm seeing it go down every time I weigh.

My jeans are loose OUT OF THE DRYER! You know how you dread putting them on when they have been freshly washed/dried? I usually do too. But now they fit. And, as they stretch out throughout the day, they get crazy loose. It may be time to put on the next smaller size soon!

For a long time I dreaded getting dressed because the clothes I wanted to wear were all too tight. Now it's fun again!

I have more energy (and it's not just the coffee). I am stronger to get through my workouts. They are getting easier (or I am getting better).

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